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Creator/Executive Producer/Director

Joseph Goncalves is a writer/director from Boston, Massachusetts. He has a passion for creating beautifully flawed, nuanced, real, raw, and emotional characters who add something different to the already limited conversation of LGBTQ+ content. Joseph has directed a short film and created, directed, and produced 38 episodes of the award-winning digital drama series, Unconditional Love,
and spin-off series, Love Undone which airs on YouTube.


Han-‘Naeh Belser is a screenwriter and storyteller. A native of Montgomery, AL, her southern roots have inspired fantastical and romantic narratives that center Black women that often go unnoticed in modern mainstream narratives. She aspires to learn everything possible about narrative media writing and production to embolden the voices of others in her community. She has written for the Award-Winning webseries "Unconditional Love" and managed social media for the independent film "Elephant". 

Writer/Executive Producer

Ron Artis Jr. is a Richmond, Virginia native whose been writing since he was four years old. His love of television grew into a desire to write screenplays, something he taught himself to do in high school. Ron enjoys writing about Black people, their highs and lows, and their relationships with the people in their lives through genres such as drama, dramedies, and science-fiction. He's a Producing Partner under the up and coming 1990 Productions, which is set to start creating content in 2022.


Joretta Morris has always been an imaginative storyteller who challenges the status quo. Her desire for creativity and light-hearted stories led to her writing scripts using her past, her
passions, and the world around her for inspiration. Forever a fan of the black girl movement, Joretta founded an organization called Black Girl Screenwriters™ last year and has high hopes
for its future. Joretta’s writing brand is all about creating black girlhood and putting black girls at the center of the stories she creates. Her chosen genres are drama and dramedy, and her sub-genre is Young Adult.


Brandon Harris-Williams is originally a midwestern writer who has found southern roots. A fan of classic television and daytime soaps, his passion for seeing realistic and everyday stories, particularly about Black people, has inspired his own writing. He believes when crafting stories, the engine is life and this is showcased in comedy and drama mediums. Formerly a co-host of The Healing Space Podcast and Boys N Brunch, he’s also a Sundance Intensive Screenwriting Fellow.

Writer/Music Supervisor

Shaquan A. Perkins hails from the Bronx NY. Engulfed with the arts at a young age, he has held various administrative positions on Broadway while simultaneously acting in Unconditional Love/Love Undone! Coming off his 1st season with Love Undone, Shaquan has continued his administrative prowess with being the Musical supervisor! Now he’s putting on his writers hat! 

Director of Photography/Colorist
Marshall Chen 


Jordan Carroll


Sound Mixer
Eoin Donaher


Sophie Carleton - Producer

Amina Razgui -Assistant Camera

James McGruder - Producer



Sonya Joyner - Producer


Make Up

Tanya Cabral

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